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You Had Me at ‘Blog’ – Our Favorite Blogs (and more) from Across the Industry

Candy HeartsHappy Valentine’s Day! All this sentimental talk got me to thinking about what I love. As you know by now, I love growing and bringing to my table the crops that I grow. If you’re the same way, here is a great list of blogs and websites you will LUV 2!

Garden Rant – This blog is extremely popular among garden bloggers, writers and editors due to its funny, yet sharp take on what is really going on in the world of gardening. The writers share their opinions on important news stories, gardens they love, their peers and much more without holding anything back. To see what they are “ranting” about today, check out

America's Grow a RowAmerica’s Grow-a-Row – Rather than starting a garden just to produce your own food, this site is asking you to donate some of your produce to your hungry neighbors. America’s Grow-a-Row was started by one man looking to help his local food pantry in 2002, and today the program is producing over 360,000 pounds of produce for the hungry each year. Like many charitable programs, America’s Grow-a-Row is always looking for more help, so stop by the site and see what you can do!

National Farm to School Network – The National Farm to School Network is a nationwide program designed to help students eat healthier at school, while also supporting local agriculture. Each program is built around the needs of its unique community and the region it is in. To find out if your school system is participating or how to get involved, visit their website today.

Dave’s Garden – If you are looking to share tips, tricks and stories related to gardening, Dave’s Garden is the place for you. This site is simply a community of gardeners posting helpful information for other gardeners to learn from. From your own personal gardening journal to a forum filled with gardeners around the world, this page has everything you need to manage your garden and help others do the same.

KidsGardening – Presented by the National Gardening Association, KidsGardening is a website dedicated to adding horticulture to the lives of children. NGA believes that teaching kids to grow helps their physical, mental and social development. The site offers gardening ideas for schools, families and even a shop with products to help kids grow.

Tiny Farm – This is no ordinary blog, but rather a photo journal of activities on one, tiny organic farm. The variety of topics on this blog is so large that everyone can find something they will enjoy. Along with posts, there is also a question and answer section on the page where you can post your farming questions or supply answers to other people’s questions.

Culinate LogoCulinate – Culinate is a site focused on eating and eating well. Here you can find recipes, articles, interviews, news and more on eating “real” food. The folks from Culinate want you to ask questions before you delve into any meal, so stop by and join the conversation with others who are questioning their food before they take a bite.

Homegrown in the City – Joanna, a wife and mother from Utah, posts about everything growing related. From the garden to what you can make from what you grow, it’s all covered. She discusses her great experiences, and some mishaps, but it is all easy to relate to, so why not take a peek?

Skippy’s Vegetable Garden – Skippy the dog and his owner, Kathy, love to garden, and they also love sharing their experiences with other growers. Kathy has been growing a garden to produce her own vegetables for twenty years now. Through her photos and words, she tells a story of how her garden is changing that is hard not to get sucked in to. The page also includes a planting calendar and seed directory.

Wasted Food – Jonathan Bloom uses this site to talk about food that goes uneaten. From why we waste food to why we shouldn’t, he covers all the bases. Using this page as a call to action, Bloom invites you to join his cause today and learn about the many uses of all the food that goes to waste.

Vegetable GardenIn My Kitchen Garden – Formerly living in Northern California, this blog’s author, Susan, gave it all up for a more simple life in Missouri. This page covers everything there is to know about her garden. From Christmas gift ideas for gardeners to recipes based off her homegrown food, this woman has plenty of knowledge she is ready to share and some funny stories too.

USDA School Garden Q & A – Many schools are looking to start a garden in order to produce healthy food for their cafeterias, and the USDA is very supportive. Of course, there are rules and regulations regarding how this garden must be run and many schools are coming up with questions. This site lists some common questions from schools along with answers from the USDA.

Kitchen Gardeners – The people from Kitchen Gardeners are working to increase the amount of homegrown food produced in order to improve the health of the population, while maintaining a healthy planet. Rather than just reading about how sustainable food can help you and others, this site gets you involved in the conversation and helps you start a kitchen garden of your own!

What do you think of our list?  What are your favorite places to visit for growing and gardening information?

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