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Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Gardeners and Growers: Part 2

Happy New Year! I’m back with part two of my list of growers’ resolutions, which includes ways to give back to the community and sustainable growing methods. If you missed part one, you can check it out here.

  1. Try hydroponics

  2. Hydroponic lettuce tables Get with the flow! Hydroponics is easy, clean and “green.” Almost any plant that can be grown conventionally can also be grown hydroponically. Hydroponic gardening takes up less space (you can grow in the house), uses less water (water is recycled), and your plants are less susceptible to disease. Getting started is easy. Try one of our kits like the lettuce table. This system is designed to produce over 3,500 heads of lettuce per year! Or call us today to help you customize a hydroponic layout that will produce bountifully year round. Hydroponics is here to stay…don’t miss the boat, catch the wave!

  3. Teach someone the wonders of growing

  4. The greatest joy in all of my growing is watching my children in the garden. Whether planting a row of green beans, watering so diligently and delicately, or harvesting our bounty, the sense of pride and accomplishment that a child gains in a garden is priceless! Take the time this year to show someone the beauty of growing. If you have room, let that person have their own plot. Or even better, help organize a community garden. I bet you know someone who would love to garden but simply doesn’t have the space. Maybe they live in an apartment or rent their home. A community garden is a great way to give back to your neighbors both young and old.

  5. Donate some of your produce

  6. Donated produceDidn’t your mother always say that “giving is better than receiving”? Let’s try to remember that adage not only during this holiday season but throughout the entire year. Share your wares! Don’t just give your produce to the same people you do each year, surprise someone. Look into donating to soup kitchens, homeless shelters, food pantries or churches.

  7. Use sustainable growing systems

  8. Rainwater barrel
    This is the year you go green! Why pay for compost when you can make your own “black gold” in your backyard? Try our compost tumbler for easy, quick, beautiful compost. Composting is a great way to help reduce your carbon footprint. Another way to show your mother you care—Mother Nature, of course—is to start harvesting rain water. Harvested rain water can save you money and is not full of the heavy metals that are so often found in well and municipal water sources.

  9. Save some seeds

  10. Number ten kind of goes hand in hand with number nine. A great way to help become more self sufficient in your gardening practices is to save some of your seeds from the end of your growing season. Beans, lettuce, peas, peppers and tomatoes are easy ones to start with. Saving seeds is easy and gives you a greater sense of pride knowing that you truly used your garden to its fullest potential.

This year make a resolution that you can stick to. Let Growers Supply help you become the best grower you can be! Have you made any progress with part one of my list? Did you think of any resolutions I should add?

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