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Introducing Sam and our Greenhouse Facilities

80' x 50' greenhouse in Dyersville, IA at Growers Supply campus

There’s been a lot of excitement around here lately about our new, state-of-the-art greenhouse facilities at our Dyersville, IA campus. We’ve included a sneak peak in our newest catalogs that will mail in January, but I couldn’t wait to tell everyone more about it.

I can’t begin to talk about these new facilities without telling you a bit about one of the major players involved, Sam Shroyer, our greenhouse manager. Sam joined Growers Supply at the beginning of this year and has spearheaded the expansion of our greenhouse facilities. His background includes a high school title of Iowa FFA Horticulture Champion, college membership to Pi Alpha Xi, wholesale greenhouse management and running his own landscaping company.

You’ll get to know Sam quite well over the course of this blog, because he will be posting a weekly feature called “What’s Growing On?” Some of the topics he plans to cover are winterization, hydroponics, soil testing, marketing your product, harvesting, composting and much, much more. Sam can’t wait to share his knowledge with you and will also reveal his first-hand experience of the activities in our demonstration greenhouses.

Now, on to the greenhouses… In the past year, we’ve designed and constructed two new facilities. One is a 35′ by 48′ structure, which is split into two demonstration areas. In one half, we are modeling year-round, in-ground high tunnel production. The other half has three different hydroponic systems. Our 80′ by 50′ greenhouse is devoted solely to hydroponic production.

Our main goal with creating these facilities is to help change how the world looks at sustainability and locally grown produce. We will be holding seminars and workshops to pass on our knowledge and give growers hands-on experience with the newest technologies in horticulture. I’ve heard rumors about a grand opening workshop tentatively scheduled for early February. As soon as I have the information, I’ll be sure to pass it on.

In the meantime, if you have any questions for Sam or suggestions on topics you’d like to see covered, feel free to post them in the comments section!

Hydroponic range in greenhouse at Dyersville, IA campus.

The hydroponic setup in our greenhouse at the Dyersville, IA campus.

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