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The life of an order – Non-Manufactured Items

Packing ordersHere at Growers Supply, we are all about convenience. From our selection of 30,000 plus greenhouse and growing supplies, to our same day shipping guarantee, our mission is to enhance your life by bringing you products that solve your problems and simplify managing your business, home or garden center. To further assist our level of customer convenience, our manufacturing and shipping location is centrally located in Dyersville, Iowa, and our company headquarters and call center, located in South Windsor, Connecticut, is open six days a week. From the moment that you place your order with us, no matter how large or small, we become truly dedicated to getting your product to you in a timely manner, and that commitment has helped us to serve more than 300,000 satisfied customers. Read more

Plant Profile: Katrina Cucumber

Katrina CucumbersLast month we introduced our new plant profile series with a summertime favorite, Favorita Cherry Tomatoes. This month, we wanted to continue to highlight the benefits of controlled environment growing by featuring another summertime favorite that we are growing even in this cool weather, the Katrina Cucumber. Only 6 inches in length at full maturity, these thin skinned, seedless cucumbers make an excellent addition to salads or provide a quick, tasty snack. Read on to learn all about caring for Katrina Cucumbers and see how we grow them here in our state-of-the-art indoor grow room in this month’s plant profile. Read more

A guide to cold season growing

Cold Season GrowingFall has come, and winter is now right around the corner. This time of year is often the hardest for growers of any type. With the frantic rush to harvest, followed by months of down time, the fall and winter seasons can be an emotional roller coaster. However, with the right crops and proper planning, you can keep your garden flourishing through fall and even deep into winter. Here you’ll learn all about how to keep your green thumb active year-round with our helpful cold season crop guide. Read more

Growers Supply’s 2014 Photo Contest Honorable Mentions

Photo Submitted by Roro Izzle

Photo Submitted by Roro Izzle

Last week we revealed the winners of our 2014 Photo Contest, but like we said, we had a record number of entries this year and all of them were great! We didn’t want to let any good entry go unnoticed, so we would now like to reveal our honorable mentions from this year’s contest. From heart warming photos to unique product uses, we have compiled some of our best additional entries to give one last look at our 2014 Photo Contest. Read more

Introducing the 2014 Growers Supply Photo Contest Winners!

2014 Photo Contest WinnersAfter sorting through a record number of submissions, our 2014 Summer Photo Contest has come to a close, and we are now ready to announce the winners! This year’s photo contest brought in pictures of all kinds. From hay storage buildings to wooden garden stakes, we received excellent photos of many of our products, and we enjoyed seeing how each of them are helping you. While we had many great submissions, we can only select a handful as winners, so without further ado, we will reveal the photos and testimonials of our 2014 Photo Contest winners. Read more

Plant Profile: Favorita Cherry Tomatoes

Favorita Tomatoes

Photo credit: De Ruiter

At Growers Supply, we love growing. Our greenhouses and grow rooms are jam packed with dozens of varieties of vegetables and herbs all grown with hydroponic or aquaponic techniques. I mean, if you think about it, it would be kind of weird if we didn’t love growing. We geek out over the tiniest details and are passionate about the success of all growers, large and small. Read more

Growers Supply’s odds and ends – Strange plant facts and stories

Field of flowersTo distract from the cold weather and impending end of the growing season, we took some time to look into the stranger side of horticulture, in order to discuss some fun plant-related facts and stories that many people have never heard. We have to admit, some of these are bizarre and in some cases a little hard to believe, but we promise we aren’t making any of them up. We hope you enjoy our plant oddities, and if you happen to have any lesser-known fun facts or stories, let us know by leaving a comment! Read more

Untangling the Secrets of Microgreen Production: Part I

microgreensThis week, we will be sharing part one of our microgreens research editorial series. The following article discusses the research and experiments that our Greenhouse Specialist, Matt Denten has been working on while producing microgreens. The goal of this project is to gain a better understanding of microgreen production as a whole, in order to spread beneficial knowledge to our customers and develop a system that provides an ideal environment for microgreen production.    Read more

Gain peace of mind with frost protection

Frost on cropsIf you’re lucky you haven’t had to deal with frost just yet, although you can be sure it’s on the way. As everybody tries to push their growing season as far into the fall as possible to squeeze in an additional harvest, many will be affected by sudden shifts in temperature and have to deal with frost damage. However, there are a few ways to protect your crops from frost which can help you get the most out of the last few weeks of the growing season. Read more

Planning for your ideal greenhouse

Greenhouse designGreenhouses are a specialty of ours here at Growers Supply, and with dozens of structures, coverings and kits to choose from, we are sure to have a greenhouse that fits your needs. From basic stock options for homes or small businesses that cover a few hundred square feet to the marvels of modern day engineering that span several acres, the options we offer are unmatched. Our knowledgeable greenhouse specialists will walk you through the design process of your greenhouse and help you customize it to your needs. When you call, let us know what you want to grow and we’ll make sure your greenhouse purchase exceeds your expectations. In this blog we will discuss some of the factors that you should consider before you give us a call or shop online to ensure that you get the best greenhouse solution possible. Read more


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